Leadership for our urban unincorporated areas

How have we let things get to the point where a third of the county, over 225,000 residents, lives in urban unincorporated areas? Currently, this topic is the very lowest priority item on the board's Draft Work Plan. I would seek to raise that priority substantially, to help unravel the mess we've let fester for far too long. I feel that inaction on this topic stifles economic development and the growth of healthy communities.

Engagement with constituents

Compared to other members of the board, Commissioner Rogers takes a much more hands-off approach to our county's community involvement organizations. I stand for greater citizen involvement in county government, and would continue to seek out the public input that I have been a part of for 20 years.

Better incentivize affordable housing

No amount of McMansions will ever make housing more affordable. What we're building needs to better match our housing needs. The current mix has too many houses priced well outside the means of those near the county's median household income.

Smarter transportation options

Without better bus, bike and pedestrian connectivity, the future Southwest Corridor MAX line could end up underutilized like the WES commuter rail line is today. Large swaths of the urban areas of District 3 are currently woefully underserved by public transit. We need to find better ways of partnering with Trimet to provide better coverage in these underserved areas.

Protect Significant Natural Resource areas

I would seek to bring the county into better compliance with the state's land use Goal 5, rather than defending being in violation of it.