Ben Marcotte

for Washington County Commissioner District 3

Ben Marcotte moved to Washington County in the summer of 1999. That fall, he first became involved in his neighborhood's Community Participation Organization, CPO3, a program operated by the county to encourage and empower public involvement, and he has continued to be an active member ever since. In 2005, he started to represent CPO3 at the Committee for Community Involvement (CCI), a county-wide advisory body of CPO representatives.

Over the past 20 years of his public involvement, he has learned about the many issues and challenges that our county's government regularly contends with, including those related to having a population of over 225,000 residents living in our urban unincorporated areas. He has followed the numerous efforts of his fellow volunteers to make sure the voices of average county residents are part of our decision making processes, and wants to honor those efforts by making sure our county continues to strive to be open, honest and transparent.

Ben is a software engineer and lives with his wife Emily in the Garden Home area.